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Shaping Neurodivergence: 

Celebrating different thinkers

sculpture - Rendered video
on Raine 2023

Concepts in sculpture which are 3D printed are placed in unexpected locations, to raise awareness of neurodivergence. Currently my work centres on celebrating neurodivergence - more specifically, literacy, dyslexia and language; my sculptures start conversations about neurodivergence, and seek to change perceptions and empower the next generation of different thinkers. The sculpture ‘Gobbledygook’ will also be a solid form, 2.5 metres high, of mixed-up words and jumbled letters which are fused together; its content is hard to decipher, inviting the viewer to engage in a process of unpuzzling its meaning. The sculpture will have a virtual - XR (extended reality) alternative; video projection, or the sculpture could be viewed on a screen.

Gogeldy gook words ALL 3 Vsmall.jpg

A simulation of how the sculptures might look outside Oxford University buildings.

As a neurodivergent individual/ ‘different thinker’ I would like to change how we see neurodivergence and improve how we (as we are all on the spectrum) are valued in society. My work would be funded by me and the Arts Council England, and I am looking for engaging physical or virtual places to locate the sculptures.

DYSLEXIA clumps v5.1c 2.jpg

A group of letters and gaps that make no sense

This is as clear as mud 


JON 3D prints SHOOT1431 v0s.jpg
Virtual render of sculptures in a classroom (above)
and 3D-printed version approx 30 x 30 cm on a plinth (left).

Please get in contact if you would like to help or get involved with this project, or host this installation in your space, physically or virtually  

Jon Raine  
+44 (0) 7793 96 22 11


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