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Jon Raine’s current Fine Art practice centres around the perception of light;

light is used as a methodology for provoking a reassessment of how we see and perceive reality.


As a commercial creative and image maker using photography, he has always been fascinated by concepts that make new meanings and always thinking about capturing light and originating concepts. 


The virtual and 3D-printed sculptures are computer-generated but use scans and photos captured from reality. Cameras and software capture light, control it, shape it and make physical and virtual forms from it.


Is it an actual thing in reality or a CG image of it in virtual reality?


The virtual version is not real but can function.

A 3D-printed version exists but is not real and doesn’t always function. 


They are all simulations.

They all convey the concept.


Which do you accept?

Physical versions are located in the SHOP.

His studio (for Commercial and Fine Art, commissions) is located in reality near Bath in the south west of the UK. 

Jon Raine

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