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Week 8 Crit. Presentation 22/11/2021 

Light Forms


Glazed ceramics.

Made from the light captured in each location, a HDR 360° photo has been manipulated to create a three dimensional form.


The intensity of the light is used to create the main shape. The light that is strongest, such as through a window, pulls the shape in that direction. The texture on the surface creates a recognisable image which is also extruded in the 3D software.


“The longevity of a photo has always been an issue. Turning a photo into ceramic form gives a new way to preserve a photo. Using this convergence of technologies is exciting to me. Mixing the old with the new gives an interesting feel.”


Tea Cup & Spoon -  Tea room, Bath 

Cast in white bone china and white gloss glazed, as commonly used in the manufacture of tea cups. The 360° camera is positioned at 2 different heights on the table; low for the spoon form and higher for the cup.


Window  - Lacock Abbey, home of Fox Talbot

Slip cast and then glazed, the silver finish nods to the silver nitrate used in Fox Talbot’s printing process. 


Gallery  - Holburne Museum

The metallic gold glaze looks as if it has been gilded, referencing the ornate frames in that location.


Tyne Bridge  - Newcastle

“In capturing the Newcastle form I waited for the scene to happen and as if I’d staged it two women on their way out for a drink walked in to shot.”


Playing God


Resin, steel and oak

With this piece ‘Playing God’ you choose to burn or not to burn tiny people, or make them look bigger or smaller. A powerful tungsten light (an indoor sun) allows you to play with the power of light. The conjoined lens incorporates both a magnifying (convex) and a reducing (concave) lens. Like a God you can destroy the little people by focusing the light, as a small child might burn ants with a magnifying glass.


Every day we choose to create or destroy, dismiss or big-up, to ignore or engage.

In a way we are all Gods with the power to change the world. e.g. The choice of a non-meat based meal, to help slow global warming.


This lens has been computer modelled and then 3D printed in clear resin. Mounting it in a steel ring with a turned oak handle gives it a hand-made aesthetic, even though it’s using new tech. 

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