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Week 7 15/11/2021

Metal work, wood work...does 3D printed resin work?


I 3D-printed little people to destroy and the conjoined lens. I also mounted the lens in a steel bracket I made and turned a handle for it in wood.


Playing with 'Playing God' 

The images made by the lens are as good as I hoped. 'Destroying' is not so good. The lens needs to be bigger or more precise. The edges have been rounded in order to make the lenses conjoin. This has the effect of only making the middle of the lens a lens, but I have a cunning plan to improve this!  


'Light Forms' visuals

Tea pot and spoon.jpg
holborn trac0190.jpg
Fox 2_0106.jpg

I've finalised these C.G visuals, which are a way to communicate how I would like them to look. They look very finished but they are still just a visual. 


My instinct is that they could be all made out of glazed ceramic. But it might be easier for The Holburne and Fox Talbot ones to be plaster with gold or silver leaf. I may have to try both routes to find the best solution.

Painting and light?

Next week's plans are lenses, light, canvas stretching and paint, hopefully.

First I will need to visualise and create the 3D printed bit.

Also I will start printing big 3D moulds for the full-size light forms.