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Week 3 18/10/21

Ways to make the sun draw?

This week I posed some questions and then started creating CG images of thoughts from them


How will the lens look ?

Does it have to make a mark by burning?

What will I make it out of?

Could it be a lens we use every day? - like my glasses

This week I went out with my 360 camera and shot all the backgrounds I needed.  

con lens 2.jpg

In this image I tried combining two lenses together into what I call a 'conjoined lens'.

The light that passes through these lenses should make an image that is distorted and will also burn.


The abstracted reading glasses on the left hand side could be a comment on our different perceptions of light - perhaps we see it in a scientific way e.g as radiation (wave formation and particles) or, perhaps in a spiritual way e.g. as enlightenment.

This type of lens is my preferred shape to cast in clear resin. Next step is to 3D print a mould.

con 1.1.jpg

The sun's energy could be a way of heating - boiling water - hard to see the steam in this image


If any of these were actually made, I think a safer way to burn marks in materials would be to use a concave - parabolic mirror to focus the light above head-height. Perhaps burning the underside as seen above.

water lens.1.jpg

Here, a clear sheet of plastic is stretched over a frame and then filled with water to make a lens. The weight of water stretches the sheet and the dip in the sheet makes a near perfect lens. Here's a youtube video


The light will make fantastic patterns when the wind blows ripples across the surface.


I want to make my proposal about the everyday. This clear teapot that focusses the sun like a lens would make a kettle boil and whistle when the light hits it at one point of the day.

There could be several kettles that boil on different days of the year, or one that gets moved around. Maybe the positions could be - the summer/winter solstice, Thomas Edison's birthday, Easter, Christmas day...

How light passes through bone china - Test 1


This was my first test to see how light passes through porcelain - to reproduce an image.

I tried to harness the translucent property of ceramics and vary the thickness of it to achieve this.

It broke because when the slip dried and shrank, it pulled itself apart.

My next test will not use slip poured into a mould!


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