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Week 2 11/10/2021

'Sounds good!'  It looks like I have a starting thought

The thought is....Sun Drawings. My tutor has approved.

In this video the sphere of glass focuses the light from the sun and burns marks into the wood.

Over time the burn marks make a black arc, which grows bigger in the winter and closer to the centre in the summer.

Sun intensity varies throughout the year: intense burning in the summer makes wide marks and a shallower angle in the winter, makes smaller marks.

The sheet of material that gets burned will be detachable, to be displayed separately.

I see the meaning in this piece to be about the sun’s power over time and its effect on us.

I intend to add in more levels of meaning to it.

I will start with some experiments that are smaller in scale - a lens made of optically clear resin.





test 1 lenses 2.jpg

I will look at 

- Using different materials 

Wood, lead, copper (for the material that gets burnt) to see how they melt, distort or change colour, dependent on the amount of heat.

Concrete, steel (for the material to hold the lens/es).


- Using different lenses

I will simulate: different types of lens, multiple lenses, array of tiny lenses, Fresnel lens, parabolic and conjoined lenses. 

The lens itself could become the sculpture.


What do I already have to make this happen?

I have the physically correct render engine to simulate sun light (how it passes through lenses) and to simulate the path of the Sun throughout the year. 

Also CGI and 3D printing kit.


What I will make first?

I’m planning to make a lens using my 3D printer and/or Bath Spa’s CNC machine. This is to make a mould then cast in optically clear resin.

I have started another thought of light passing through bone china and started testing this in the background.

At the end of the week CG modelling gets going!





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