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Week 14  17/01/2022 

The Assessment - New videos 

In the last week I've been creating new videos of my Light forms and lens projects.

This is is for my show I will be assessed on.

I shot to mew background to drop my objects into Bristol Docks and the tea rooms,

The new gallery thought came from messing about with the AR version of the Fox taibot form,

Anther MA student viewing the AR light form pushed the iPad into the middle of the virtual object.

Preparing my first ever show of my work!

- Light Boxes wired up and woking

-- Media player loadwed up with the vidios

- written the info labels for the plinths

- written and practising my AV presentation

- just printed the sheet of small people on tracing paper.

- dooing my blog page

I just noticed when I was doing the test setup that the video simulations of my light form that Fox talot form has been Flipped at some point, Let's see if any body notices.