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Xmas + Week 12  12/2021.... 

3D printing, eating, drinking, polishing and painting.

I have been trying to make up for lost time as my assessment is getting closer and I need physical things that look good enough for my show. The Light Forms / Place Shapes below, were printed

(84 hrs) and then sprayed and painted with acrylic paint. A good enough simulation of the way they could look if they were cast in metal /glazed .


Concept Lenses / Playing God

CNCing is the best way to create an optically clear lens.

It magnifies, reduces and turns your world upside down and I suspect it will burn if there is any sun!

The blob of black (the handle) is 3D printed.

Writing about my work makes me think I need better names

Light Influencers - shaping light that passes through something.

    Concept lenses

    Drawing Lenses

    Water lenses

Light Displacements - light bouncing off things to make shapes.

    Place shapes

    Shadow shapes




Books taken out of the library over Christmas