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Week 11  13/12/2021 

Ceramic Light Forms drive me potty!

They take way too long and are unpredictable as there are too many variables!

First one slip too thick, hole too small; second one glugging problems and then the one that did come out of the mould won't be fired until the New Year. 

This feels like a waste of a lot of time and money.



C.N.C. Can Now Consider! 


The test to cut out a conjoined lens from a block of cast acrylic with a CNC machine has so far gone well. I have started to polish and it looks like it will be the best way to make it, except for how long it takes and costs!



I am going 3D print the Light Forms and then make them look like they're made out of ceramic, metal...

Acrylic spray paints, spray lacquer and gold and silver leaf will have to do the trick.


I have started a canvas which will have embedded lenses in it!