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Week 10  6/12/2021 

Big Light Forms

3D printed the moulds, filled moulds with silicone, and made slip-cast moulds for head-sized Light Forms.

Slip-cast moulds take a long time to make! I'm considering a different work flow for versions when longevity is not needed for the concept.

In the week coming I will finally have a porcelain Light Form.

Then the alchemy starts with the glazing!




How to conceptually move forward?

After the 1:1 tutorials on Monday, I feel I've been pulled in 3 different directions.

Robert, Andrea and Ben have given me their takes on my work and I need time to digest, re-listen to my recordings and consider their points of view.

Monday is going to be a research day in the Library, plenty of food for thought.



Research thoughts...

A possible start point...

"Do concepts shine brighter in digital light?"