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Week 1 4/10/2021

Adjusting to my new way of being

After taking to my pathway leaders I realised I have no clear way of how to move forward with my practice!

My underlying thought  - The way light falls - and how it affects our perception of the everyday - seems to be right for me still. But, I feel it could be better if it was about the environment as well.


Taking on my tutors' suggestions to look at artists that are in similar areas, I'm trying to narrow down my ideas into one, more focussed area.

I looked at the following artists to find a way through. I feel my work should not be too close to them conceptually.

James Turrell

Mariele Neudecker

Anthony McCall

Thomas Demand

Anish Kapoor (Sky Mirrors..)

+ other Sculptors 

I talked through a sculptural thought I had with Robert.

This route was about how light passes through things and how the light was shaped.  


By the end of the week I had more of an idea of what to do next.