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Week 8 10/04/2022

CNC life-size 'Shadow" would have been a disaster.

I was going to test by making one life-size 'shape in the shadows' until I discovered that the CNC machine at Bath Spa only has one Router Bits size of 12mm the size of my thumb.
If I did try and route a texture would look blurred with no detail the shapes in the shadows would be blurs in the shadows!. The CNC machine in Locksbrook is only good for cutting out sheets of MDF and not good for 3D shapes. 

The top to bottom tromp loy video mapping is also not a possibility. 

The kit in the University is not able to project a 6K 360º video on a wall 

Now how to makes my 'Shadows"?

1. Don't make them in reality, Go fully VR.

2. 3D print a small maquette with an image behind of a render of how it could look.

3. pay for an extermal company to make them for me.

I have started 2 tests one of the teenagers with a mobile and the other My dog to render in a gallery and a 3D print of one of them.  

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