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Week 7 3/04/2022

The Show will go on a wall.

This week I've been mostly Struggling with my essay writing!
I have also been thinking about doe to show my work in my final show.

1. video project onto a wall from top to bottom to make it look like the studio space I will be using is extended in a tromp loy way. the virtual and real objects will be on the same scale, the VR wall will be controlled by an X box controller or mouse?

2. The objects will be from the three projects Light Forms Lenses and shadows.

3. I will have to control the light! this is going to be a problem in Loxbrook campus.

Shadows, CNCed cluster.  

I intend this group of shadows of a teanager on a phone to have the same shadow.
The Light source will be the one light. this will be modelled in my 3D software.

I've been trying to find a quicker way to create 3D files for the Shapes in shadows. I recently started using a laptop with the New Apple M1 processor in it this is the fastest single-core processor which I need for the Volume builder and mesher in C4D to create the 3D printer files.

Render Corner and Photogrammetry snapshots    

As I'm intending to project a 6K 360º pre-rendered VR interactive Video.
This will be Rendered Using Octane Render as the rendering software, It uses GPUs in sted of the CPU. The C4D software uses the 32 core Thredripper CPU in my PC to sculpt the shapes and build the VR environment. 
The software used for Photogramatary uses both CPU and GPUs to triangulate the hundreds of photos shot at different angles. I have tested different cameras from my phone to a 50million pixel SLR, The best results so far are when I use the SLR 24mm lens in manual mode so the exposure is constant and so helps the software find unique pint to triangulate and I in effect scan the shadow texters optically. 

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