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Week 5 20/03/2022

Light Forms - The shape of light in Cornwall

This is the place for my next Light forms. I Have taken a 360º Hdri photo every 2hrs starting at 6.30 am and finishing at 6.30 pm. this will be 7 forms distorted in different ways being pulled by the light, a sort of time-lapse of the Light Forms displayed in a line of shiny (tin) shapes.

I have had a thought of doing a moving version using a 360º video of the shot below with the wave?


I'm thinking of making a hi-res still file and printing it as a large landscape image. This will allow me to show the detail in each light form.

Collaboration in the coast


This was the most positive experience and I will definitely look to do things like this in the future.
Mark making on a giant canvas. performance art with Robert, writing poems, art videos and all washed down with local beer and a lot of Art talk. It felt like a dream.


Would I use wood? For shapes in shadows.

I'm planning to CNC a large life-size Shadow shape. I have the option to use a Large bit of Redwood and yes it is red and is from a redwood tree.
I have progressed my thinking on shapes in and of my shadows.
The two thoughts I like at the moment are Tech companies/media acting in the shadows.
This would be a teenager on a phone. The surfaces of the shadow would be different places and distorted.
The other is of my family's shadows in Staithes, a small fishing village like Porthleven in the northeast. I am thinking of using old photos taken by Francis Meadow Sutcliffe of my relatives and making shadows from them and then laying them on harbour walls.  ( I shot the sea wall at Porthleven to test this out using Photogrammetry)

Thoughts from this week

Doom Bar is better than the Porthleven ale and I can allow myself to think of doing another residency there in the summer.
Got to get on with my essay this week!

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