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Week 4 13/03/2022

2 Small steps for 'Shadow shapes'

The locations in Bath I shot last Saturday I've been rendering in 'Metashape'.
I've been trying different shapes. The more obvious shapes of my dog seem to work best.
I think this is because the idea is visually complicated and anything that simplifies the communication helps.
The shadow of the shadow shape is another level that adds to this idea. (I feel a bit of déjà vu as my Light Forms are a simulation of a simulation...!).

I have been listing people and things that are in the shadows.

Old person + zimmer frame ON carpet + skirting board

Bin collectors ON road and wheelie bin 

Care worker ON wheel chair or 'waiting to die' chair

Migrants ON pebbles on beach / life jacket / dinghy

Disabled person in wheel chair ON flight of steps

Drug dealers ON school play ground

Arms dealer  ON ? 

Human traffickers - teenagers ON pavement / street   

Other thoughts of things in the shadows...

The mind police. Algorithms, Tech companies, Governments.

Dancing Shadows


The Holburne Museum Dance collaboration meeting was interesting.
I'm struggling with the lack of structure and ideas. The language barrier with the Chinese dancers isn't helping.
I put an idea forward of how the dancers' shadows could move across the front of the museum as a start point. As there is no budget at the moment this may not go anywhere and I've resolved not to let it take up too much of my time with Porthleven coming up at the same time.
When I am in Porthleven the rest of the students will present their ideas to the Holburne.
I've asked Conor to put forward on my behalf the Light Form of the Old Masters' Gallery as a thing that can be placed back into the room it was captured in.


Induction into the Darkroom  -  Lens Images 

I did this as I want to make images of the light passing though my conjoined lenses.
The imperfections in my making process of the lenses are exaggerated when a small source of light is passed though the lens and then onto a sheet of photographic paper.
This will produce an abstract image that can be part of a way to show them in an exhibition maybe, one day. The lens could be placed onto the print. 
The last time I was in a photographic darkroom was when I was an assistant in London.


This week in Fine Art 

Writing for Funding with Tim Vyner Workshop. This made me see the ways my practice can get funding and the websites he showed will be very useful.

Thoughts from this week

Capture 360º photos over a whole day in Porthleven, then display them in a line, so the differences in the light will be shown. As artists have been drown to Cornwall because of the light. 
The shadows of the shadows shapes is what the sculpture idea needed.
Getting my shadow idea to be an event or performance is not going to be easy.

My making to-do list  

I will after Porthleven ?????