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Week 3 6/03/2022

My thinking after group tutorials

The 'Shapes in Shadows' went down well. I am now going to make it my main project. This single idea will also make writing my Research Methods much easier.
I have had to think laterally on how to work out how to make the sculptures, as there has not been much sun and shadows.  
I decided to do more shots of my dog and use them with the Hi Res photogrammetry files.
See the Point Cloud video of the door and steps below.
I will cast a shadow in a simulated way in C4D. I found and shot locations in Bath; pavements, steps, doorways and a tree in a park, all places where dogs are walked.  

Screenshot 2022-03-05 at 16.25.jpg
Screenshot 2022-03-05 at 16.22.jpg

I shot my dog and Partner!

To capture enough information to make the Shapes in Shadows detailed, I used my Hi-Res camera (50 million pixel camera with 24mm lens). This still needed over a hundred images for each location, to triangulate in the photogrammetry software.

When shooting the street files, I knew that if it was a dull day it would create more detailed files as the light is more even. Shooting in my studio I was looking to capture interesting silhouettes/shadow shapes.

My intention is to look for people and things that are in the shadows. My Dog is in the shadows in our household, so that is sort of start for this. I am making a list of people that are overlooked, ignored, hidden...

Convex lens - possible 'working' maquette 

A thought of how to make a convex conjoined lens without it costing too much. 
Vacuum forming over a 3D print using a foil coated sheet of acrylic looks like it will be  promising.
I think if it's big enough it might be powerful enough to melt lead! See small convex test below.
My canvas with the lenses will be, for now, put on hold.


This week in Fine Art 

The lectures and workshops with Ben Parry made me see him in a different light. His project with 13 Lab in Mumbai, India – which explores diverse tools and research methods to approaching problems of waste - is something I would like to be involved with.
Also his workshop in the afternoon got me rolling around on the floor. This workshop explores "ideas for socially engaged performance and techniques for how to intervene in your own life".

The Holburne Project: Movement + Mark-making workshop also pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way, music, dance and drawing merge into one.

Mike Tooby introduced us to the town of Porthleven and the link with St. Ives in art history.
For example Peter Lanyon's painting of Porthleven

Mick Peter's Lecture: Making Public Art in Heritage spaces, currently exhibiting at the Holburne Museum.

I also Googled Robert's recommended artists - William Kentridge and Ed Pien - shadows etc.


Thoughts from this week

Not much making this week but it maybe was the most fun and revealing week so far.
My research methods are becoming more clear and simplifying it down to one area is good.

Also seeing how I should, as an ongoing way of working, see my practice as a series of questions that I answer (in my particular way), not as executing a brief that I pre-meditated, and let external forces have an impact. The real world is stranger and more revealing than fiction.

My making to-do list  

3D print Lens for vacuum moulding, if I have time.
Shadow portraits of my dog  - print small model & visualise

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