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Week 2 27/02/2022

I'm going to Porthleven!!!!! 

A week in Porthleven, my first Residency. Also I'm going to collaborate with the MA dancers for the Bath Summer Festival at the Holburne Museum.

Making the lenses for the canvas idea went okay. I had to re-do the biggest lens and had to change it to a convex lens. This was to do with the logistics of 3D printing, as it ran out of resin in the middle of the night! It was too big and too large a quantity of resin. The alternative, I think, has and will add more variation to the light passing though this lens. In the coming week I hope to mount them into the canvas.

Images and Screen grabs.

This dog sculpture is a low res test for the Shadow Shapes idea.
The screen grab is the lens canvas simulation with the images of the lens being printed.   

This week in Fine Art 

The lecture 'Marginalised voices and untold stories in Museum spaces' with Jillian Sutherland was cool. It made me see even more clearly that the museums and galleries need to do more to portray our past with less bias and they need to try and see it from other viewpoints. This needs to happen quicker than it is and show intent to change in the near future.

Maybe my distorted shadow idea is a notion to consider for the Holburne Museum this summer.
Paint mixing and Printmaking Workshops were good, top tips from Tim.

Conclusions and thoughts from this week

Thinking about a way I can use an audio interview if it was a person, or sounds that are in the background that have been emphasised or slowed down (like the Green Planet Audio artist E.g. automatically activate sound as people walk into the gallery or up to a statue.

The shadow photogrammetry files need to be higher res so you can see the details in the dirt, weeds etc. Need exaggerated texture and the edges need to be rounded as the shadow gets softer towards the top.

The lens clarity of the 3D printed version is not so good. But I do like the colour of the resin, as it is close to the raw canvas colour I'm going to mount them in.

Shadow Portraits is how I'm going to think about them. People in the shadows. People who are not seen. People that are not noticed. The cleaners, the people on the dark web, the migrants, the old, the poor, the disabled... ALL will have amazing stories to tell!
Reminder to self - they could also be Portraits of things and places e.g. Chernobyl

My making to-do list  

Lens canvases - stretch and mount the lenses + add LED lights
Shadows Portraits - print small model...

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