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Week 1 20/02/2022

Trimester 2 Must try harder to be more fine arty

'The methods you use need to be clarified' from my assessment report.
How to define a method when I'm still defining what my practice is?

Should I use just one of the thoughts/ideas and not try and combine them?

Should I show how I play in the software and with new camera techniques?
This is where I discover my ideas, my method of coming up with my stuff.

Should I dig deeper into my underlying desire to find a reality that I can make in?
Is this why I'm questioning "what is reality?" 

I definitely need to cast off the ways of working I've been used to, and find a clear way forward for my methods. I'm not answering a brief, I'm investigating a thought?

WHAT IS MY QUESTION?  'what is meant by light to form to reality - and even to something divine or mystical (God, Being)'
from my assessment report.

This week in Fine Art 

The lecture with Ellen Hughes and Anna Gravelle was about interviewing objects and people - oral history.
The recordings of the interviews, keeping all the unforeseen background sounds, was very interesting and I feel this is something I would like to use in my practice somehow.

Colour mixing with Tim was a good, new way for me to look at colour theory and I learnt new skills.  

My making list  

Continue with the lens canvases.
Work on my new thoughts/ideas around Shadows.
The lack of light, in the shadows, Ambient light - bounced light?
Things and people in the shadows.
The people that society does not see?
The places that society does not see?

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