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RAINE studio - Conceptual Art Studio / Art Gallery

Conceptual Art in virtual reality


Jon Raine's explores the concept of simulation, and how the boundaries between the virtual and physical worlds can become blurred through technologies such as 3D printing and computer-generated imagery. In this context, the question of what is "real" becomes more complex, as the virtual and physical versions of an object can both be said to exist in some sense.

From a philosophical perspective, some thinkers might argue that the distinction between "real" and "simulated" is ultimately a matter of perception and interpretation. That is, our sense of what is "real" is often shaped by our experiences and expectations, rather than any objective standard. In this sense, the sculptures can be seen as blurring the line between what we conventionally think of as "real" and "not real."

Ultimately, whether you consider my conceptual art sculptures to be real or simulated may depend on your own perspective. My intention is to challenge conventional notions of reality and explore the boundaries between the virtual and physical worlds, the idea of simulation has become central to my practice. 


In Conceptual Art the idea (or concept) behind the work is more important than the finished art object, I feel this thinking fits well with simulations in Virtual reality when the object is not being restricted by being a physical world.


The virtual conceptual sculptures can be viewed in my gallery.

Jon Raine 2022

Cast Shadow - The Elderly

3D print and VR

Jon Raine 2022

The Intensity of Light - Stonehenge


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